The Trijicon ACOG Reticle

Featuring its dual-illuminated precision reticle, the Trijicon ACOG supplies the tactical user with a distinct aiming reticle in every light conditions whether good or bad - without having to use disaster prone batteries. The Trijicon ACOG, run with a tritium-phosphor lamp, rather than failure prone batteries, the Trijicon ACOG reticle lights up throughout low-light conditions, as the advanced fiber optics from the Trijicon ACOG instantly modify the brightness level as well as contrast on the reticle within brighter light situations. This kind of auto-brightness characteristic belonging to the Trijicon ACOG is just one of its several features which sets the Trijicon ACOG beyond it's challengers.
Numerous types of the Trijicon ACOG - like the 4x32 Trijicon ACOG which is now available to hunters along with target shooters - include the innovative Bindon Aiming Conceptā„¢ (BAC). This ground-breaking, both-eyes-open aiming strategy provides you with "instinctive" target acquisition in addition to increased hit potential when using the Trijicon ACOG. And, the Trijicon ACOG's ranging will be assembled directly into the majority of the Trijicon ACOG reticles, which means you just need to set zero one time to get a great number of ranging ranges using the Trijicon ACOG. Broad-band, anti-reflective lined lenses of the Trijicon ACOG offer outstanding resolution along with light gathering features with zero distortion. The Trijicon ACOG also offers substantial Eye Volumeā„¢, offering you better leeway - fore and aft, as well as laterally - along with which to see in the lens in the Trijicon ACOG. Obviously, after the target is acquired, the Trijicon ACOG is really a trusted ally that may help you focus on the perfect shot.
The reticle in the Trijicon AGOG is built to be equally fast and simple to work with. The Trijicon ACOG can be zeroed in at 100 meters when using the elevation and also windage knobs. Modifications for windage and elevation in the Trijicon ACOG are .33 MOA per click. After the Trijicon ACOG has been zeroed, the caps will be reinstalled and no more alterations are required for using the Trijicon ACOG. To implement the Trijicon ACOG, the user merely establishes the precise range simply by setting the reticle's horizontal lines between target's shoulders, in the event the Trijicon ACOG you happen to be using possess the appropriately developed reticle.
The Trijicon ACOG is designed with a tough, military-spec, aluminum-alloy housing and the Trijicon ACOG is actually water-proof up to depths of 500 feet - making the Trijicon ACOG almost indestructible. Just the prism housing on the Trijicon ACOG moves, therefore it's much more tough compared to traditional designs.
By deciding on the Trijicon ACOG, you're always in good company. The world's very finest organization, indeed utilizes the Trijicon ACOG. The Trijicon ACOG stands out as the official Rifle Combat Optic of the U.S. Marine Corps and also the U.S. Army. Moreover, the Trijicon ACOG 4x32 A is fielded with the Special Operations Forces. When the Trijicon ACOG is suitable for all these groups, it must be well worth at least a long looking at.
Just like the military, hunters are in search of an optic to enhance their arsenal that's tough, trustworthy and functions within crucial scenarios, the Trijicon ACOG is that optic. The Trijicon ACOG 's reticle a red chevron aiming point and incorporates a Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) which offers even more aiming points to 800 meters. The Trijicon ACOG 4x32 is lightweight, versatile and mounts to any MIL-STD 1913 rail using the supplied mount.

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